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We used a combination of patterns on this outdoor space in Silverhill Alabama. We used complete Concrete Construction from the Seating Walls to the Firepit. Our homeowners were a contractors dream to work with! The patterns used we Belgium Block and Venetian Slate. These two tone colors really set off the area allowing a smooth a aesthetically pleasing contrast. 

                                                                                    Here is another shot of the outdoor space. We absolutely love this job!

Our customers on this project allowed and trusted us to have full creative ownership of this project! Always fun when we have this opportunity. 

This was a fun project! Our customer offered us some unusual inspiration for this project! We used four different colors on this outdoor patio! 

This is a first time for us!  Here we were tried matching colors from a human and apparent table! This was a challenge none the less, but I feel we nailed it!  This is one of my favorite small patio projects!

One of the great things we love to offer our customers is the fact that they can have a one off custom piece of functional art! If you have an idea for you commercial or residential concrete job, lets talk about it!

Belgium Block in Mobile, Alabama
So, this is one of our favorite patterns! It seems to really be gaining popularity! You get a very rustic old world look out of this stamp! 

One thing we love to incorporate in our custom concrete patios is multiple patterns! It is amazing how you can segregate areas on the same patio space, and by default, create a open space and a pointed map of the patio! We like to utilize certain patterns for specific needs! 

In many cases our Belgium Block Concrete Stamp Pattern give a old world courtyard feel to any space! These are great places for evening outdoor dinner table and entertaining guest!

Granite Slate
This Concrete Slate Pool Deck on the Eastern Shore of Fairhope is an extremely versatile pattern. This is one of our more popular patterns.

Here is a close up of the Granite Slate Pattern. This pattern is absolutely perfect for porches and patios also! 

Stamped Venetian Slate Patio - Foley, Alabama
It is awesome how well a simple stamped and patterned concrete area can transform a space! This project we took special care and attention to leave the property as we found it! The previous area a rough vegetation and was a completely unmanageable. With our Stamped Patios, we upgraded the square footage of the homes usable space!

Stamped Concrete Cap on existing Driveway in Ono Island - Orange Beach, Alabama.
Here we have a stamped concrete surface in our Venetian Slate. This is a light texture in comparison to our other stamps. With this particular job we actually capped their existing driveway landing with a 1/4" Polymer Modified Cement. 

"They created the perfect patio and drive way landing at our house in Orange Beach.   The design is amazing and the finish glistens in the sun.  First rate quality work and experience which led to a gorgeous drive landing."
-Jim and Julie
Ono Island