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This Concrete Driveway is Built to Last! - Pensacola, Florida
Concrete Outdoor Living Space- Silverhill, Alabama Foxcrete
Slate Concrete Pool Deck by Foxcrete Designs in Summerdale, Alabama
Concrete Tile Design Tuscan Slate- Lillian, Alabama
Concrete Staining and Overlay Baldwin County, Alabama


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This Concrete Driveway is Built to Last! - Pensacola, Florida

Howdy folks! I want to start this blog post by saying it has been a beautiful year, and thank you to all our customers for supporting foxcrete over the years!

This Project spotlight is for a customer by the name of Al Simmons. A close friend of ours recommended us to him to replace his driveway. I wish I could have got some before and after photos, however it just slipped my mind! His driveway pretty much required a off road vehicle to climb to the top! Needless to say! The old concrete driveway had to go!

Concrete Outdoor Living Space- Silverhill, Alabama Foxcrete



This is a project we complete a couple months ago! and WOW. We are
extremely proud of this one! Our customer gave us full creative ownership
on this project! When we have a customer that respects our profession and 
 doesn't put artistic sanctions on our ability, it makes for a great project!!! 

So, a huge thank you to the McCollum's for allowing us to have such a pleasant work environment! 

Custom Concrete Form job for an Outdoor living space in Baldwin County

   This project started with simple phone call.

Slate Concrete Pool Deck by Foxcrete Designs in Summerdale, Alabama


It has been awhile since my last blog! Sorry about that!  I suppose life
Marriage, children and all the above has put the blog on the back 

Well, lets jump straight into it! The last couple years, last year
in particular, we have grew tremendously as a company and acquired some
great contacts in the process! The project I am highlighting in this blog 
is a Stamped Concrete Pool Deck forJames Tindle Pools. Great company to
business with and is a honest pool builder with integrity.

Concrete Tile Design Tuscan Slate- Lillian, Alabama

Decorative Concrete Tuscan Slate Tile Design In Lillian, Alabama

      We completed this project a couple weeks ago for a Retired Law Enforcement Officer.
They were looking for aconcrete coating that is slip resistant and pleasant to look at. We 
suggested our Tuscan Slate Tile . We decided on a dark base coat(charcoal) for the grout
lines. In their brick they had dark accents that I wanted to bring out to pull everything 
together. After the base coat we put down our tile design.

Concrete Staining and Overlay Baldwin County, Alabama

I don't know about you guys, but I am enjoying this cool weather we are having! 
As always though, it is  going to get frigid cold an I will be wishing for summer again real shortly!

Although, on the plus side of winter, the waves in the Gulf get really good for surfing; I suppose then it is a trade off!
On my free time when I am not working(which seems few and far between) Surfing is somewhat of a stress reliever!

November is a big month for my Fiance' Ashley and I, as we will be expecting our first child together!

Gulf Coast Decorative Concrete Tuscan Tile

Well this weeks project turned out absolutely phenomnal!!!
Having wonderful clients is what makes my job so great!!
She was great to work with, and knew exactly what she wanted!!
Thanks Gillian!
Well on to the application!
     Our client was innitally wanting tile, but her deposition to tile was the moss, algae, etc  that cover
our concrete here on the gulf coast! She didn't want to have to fight to keep it clean!
Foley DEcorative COncrete TIle
Well our solution to her was to give her Decorative Concrete that simulates tile!

Decorative Concrete Simulated Wood Deck In Pensacola Florida

Hey guys, been awhile since our last post!
We have been busy, busy!!( Knock on wood)
Well on to the sells spull!! 
     Do you guys love the look of hardwood floor?
Only problem, you are bound  indoors; Well, now at Foxcrete Designs, we can  turn your existing
Concrete patio into gorgeous simulated Hardwood flooring!
I made a previous post about the hardwood floor, but I wanted elaborate a little more.
We can stain and give you any color wood floor! from blue to red, to green to purple!

Stained Concrete Topping for Techne Concrete Hot Springs Arkansas

Well, We have been out of town for the past couple weeks working with our sister company Techne Concrete! 
I am absolutely enjoying myself out here in Hot Springs, Arkansas "The Spa CIty".  This past week I have been working
on the lake and it has been AWESOME! Weather has been phenomenal! In between working we have made a point to 
get out and go fishing and try to catch "Big Al". Out here they have a promotion going on where they have tagged 
various fish. If you catch one of the fish they are worth anywhere between 100.

Concrete Hardwood Floor Baldwin County Alabama

Hey guys and gals!
Just wanted to talk about a new product we now offer!
We now install Concrete wood floors!
I have been hearing a lot of positive feed back on them so far!
The  product total is roughly an 1/8" inch thick and has the look of the real deal!
It is not a stamped texture, they are handcrafted and stained!
Very durable, do not have to worry about rotting and replacing!
It goes over your existing concrete patio, sidewalk, garage, walkway, interior floor, etc!

Mobile Al Flagstone Pool Deck and Patio Overlay

This weeks project was a Flagstone overlay out in Satsuma, Alabama. 
They had old concrete that was all cracked up and to be frank, It has seen better days. 

The grout was colored with with chocolate buff, and the stones was colored with Desert Beige.
It was then stained with Charcoal and Chocolate.

Slate Trowel Down Overlay, Epoxy Floor, Foley and Mobile Alabama

Weather has got the best of us here lately! 
Here is a couple pictures of our last few projects. 
Here is a Reflector Enhancer colored with Gun Metal and Titanium.

Owner wanted a real "wild" 
looking floor! So that is what we gave them! Turned out awesome.

Our latest project was a Slate Trowel Down. We colored it with Chocolate, Palomino, and Chocolate Buff.Our homeowners on this project were exceptionally great! We had a great time on this one! 

This type of texture is great for patios, sidewalks, walk ways, patios, and even inside your home!

1,500 sq.ft Slate Trowel Down Pool Deck!

Slate trowel Down on a 1500sq.ft  Pool Deck in Mobile, Alabama!
This one was a ton of fun! The weather gave us fits, it rained every chance it got at the worst possible time!
They originally had some latex paint on the surface, because it had a heavy broom finish it was a chore to remove 
the paint! We did it with a couple of 7 inch cup wheel grinders and some good ole elbow grease to get it clean! ( a 
broom finish is the type of texture they put on the surface when they poured the original pool deck.

Importance of Waterproofing your Pool Deck

Cracks cracks cracks..  There is two kinds of concrete, concrete that has cracked, and concrete that will crack.
Let's talk about pool decks! They are notorious for cracks. But why?
Inside your pool is not the only place that must not leak! A little preventive maintenance will go a long way in 
preserving the life of your pool deck. Upon having you pool deck installed, did the contractor install caulk in the joints?
If you answered no, then you are at a serious risk of major cracking!


Hey guys, keep checking for up to date info on whats happening with FoxCrete and updates on recent jobs!
We also will post news and discuss current events! Soo keep checking for updates! Thank you 
-Blake Henning